It doesn’t matter if you are hiking or you are overlanding, being able to carry potable water from one location to the next is critical. Staying hydrated is critical to body and brain functions. Slow reaction times, distracting headaches, and poor decisions can lead to dangerous situations. Obviously, the key is to drink water and stay hydrated, but I have found that many people neglect drinking their water when it is inconvenient to access. If the water is not in easy reach, like a canteen in a backpack or a container in the back seat, we often brush it off and think we will get a drink later. To solve this problem many companies have created different bottles, canteens etc. but it’s the water bladders that have really put the water where the mouth is. The convenience of having a bladder with a straw right at your lips leaves no excuse to not taking a sip. With many different water bladders out there which do you chose? I opted for the MSR Dromedary.

The MSR Dromedary is a very tough water bladder. When I say tough, I mean very tough. With a 1000 denier abrasive resistant exterior and an interior capable of withstanding boiling water or being frozen, this bladder already shines above many others. This is the type of bladder you could put on the ground or toss in the bed of a truck and feel confident it wont rip. There are also multiple grommets on the bladder so you can chose where and how you want to lash this bladder in your pack or in your vehicle. I myself being a survivalist I wanted a bladder that could carry a lot. When you are on the move and your next water source is unknown, being able to gather as much as possible is crucial. I bought the 4-liter bladder, but it also comes in 6-liter and 10-liter sizes. Six or ten liters might be too large and heavy for a backpack but not for a vehicle. The cap can also be switched out for an optional spigot or shower head and since the bag is black if given sometime in the sun that shower might be a warm one for a change.

Speaking of the cap it is very versatile and easy to use, but I have found that it is a bit bulky compared to other bladder companies. This will have to be one of those trade off decisions. I have only found this to be an issue when I have it nearly filled to the brim and I am trying to put it in my backpack. Strapping this to the back of my car seat there is no issue. Another decision you will have to make is if being able to see how much water you have in the bladder is critical. Ill admit its nice to be able to do a quick visual check but in all my adventures its not been a downfall.

Comparatively priced with the other major bladder brands and being made in the USA the MSR Dromedary is definitely a bladder for you to consider if you are looking for one for your bug out bag or for your overlanding vehicle. Remember keeping hydrated is key so just make it easy on yourself and get a bladder.